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City Scanner is a mobile navigation app and tech platform providing AI-based, tailored navigation to cyclists, pedestrians and other two-wheelers. The app provides optimal route recommendations based on hyper-local information about street and neighbourhood conditions. In the process, City Scanner aims to empower people with key information needed to make critical decisions about their mobility, so that daily cycling and walking experiences becomes safer, efficient, and more comfortable for all.

Urban Traffic

How It Works

Plan a route from point A to B based on mode of transport and desired mobility experience. 


Graphic of a navigation route from origin to destination with hazard sign in the middle

Receive route recommendations and realtime navigation alerts and guidance during the trip. 


Graphic of a cyclist traveling from origin to destination instead of another route that shows a mob or riots

Track route experiences during the trip in terms of safety, street conditions, infrastructure or obstructions, if any.


Graphic of a person taking a photo of a pothole on the street

Rate your trip and add to the accessibility heat map of the area.


Graphic of a heat map

How do you travel in your city? Do you walk or cycle? What are the issues you face? Tell us about your experience in this City Mobility Survey-3.

Past Surveys

How convenient is it to walk or cycle in your city? Click the button and take our City Mobility Survey-1

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Parul Sharma

Founder and CEO

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Parul is an Architect and Urban Designer with over a decade of experience in urban development, mobility and placemaking at award-winning firms in India and the US. She believes in the power of innovation, data-driven participatory frameworks, and urban tech to ameliorate urban living conditions and resolve urban challenges prevalent in cities today.

Parul has worked with UN-Habitat, urban design studios, and non-profit organisations in Delhi and California. She holds a Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design from the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP), Columbia University, and a B.Arch from the University School of Architecture and Planning, I.P. University, Delhi. She received the 2015 Kinne Traveling Fellows Prize, and the 2021 GSAPP Incubator Prize, both from Columbia University. 


Nikhil is a Data Scientist passionate about software engineering, deep learning, and natural language processing. He has over six years of experience in tackling real-world business problems at AI startups and developing innovative solutions to problems that cut across several domains.

Nikhil Raju

Technical Advisor



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